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Roll up, Roll up, - want to buy a restaurant? Looks like Rolled Up has closed -- Feb 2019

  Just off London Road (Highfield Street) Lohori Tawa restaurant. At March 2018 their website doesn't exist  
  New Restaurant (March 2018) "Rolled Up" on the site of the most recent incarnation of the Curry House, 118 London Road  

5th January 2018
18th January 2018  

End of the road for the Curry House? - well it was closed today, and looks very tatty. Disappointing if so, - used to be so good in its old premisis lowerr down London Road, but has been in decline for some time, really mediocre on my previous/last? visit


Chettinad London Road Leicester -: 0116 319 2112 /

Well it's been a while, but at last we visted Chettinad "South Indian" Restauran and we really enjoyed. Excellent Dosa, (Sambar a little on the sweet side) tasty curries, not too spicy, - in fact my Poricha Kolli Was a bit mild - However that would have pleased my friend who's Eral Dosa (Prawn) was a bit too spicy for her palate, but was just right for mine, so perhaps should have swapped. . Bottled Kingfisher, Draught Cobra Reasonable Prices throughout. Less than £30 each for Starters/Mains/Breads/Sides/Drinks - special mention for delightful staff & excellent service. And a huge pair of Puris!
August 2017

An Najeeb (on the site of what was the "Nila Palace) Now trading, - February 2016
Chettinad on London Road, next to Sainsbury's. Not visited, but have heard good reports
The Nawaaz 159 London Road (Where the Akash Used to be)
Nawaaz 3 3 3
  Well here's something that exceeded expectations. (First, note that they don't sell alcohol, but invite you to bring your own. - There's a Sainsbury just across the road. We walked into the restauarnt and complimentary popadoms arrived. Then complimentary pakoras. Starter was the best prawn on puri for many years. Tasty and prawny. Mains were Chicken achari, chickeny and plenty of pickle, (Madras was appropriately spicy) Bombay aloo and another freebie, veggie curry, unique smoky taste, not quite sure how this was achieved - caramelised fried onion? - delicious. Lots of rice, excelletn chapati and naan. All the food was served promptly and very hot (Temperature) Perfect. And then slices of orange and melon, no charge. The final cost? £11 each. Great food, great prices. Give it a go.  

"AN Najeeb", good value tasty buffet
All Change on London Road Part Five (October 07 2015)

Where once there was an Akash, there is now a Nawaaz
Menu in the window looks like standad Indain restaurant fare, will give it a go sometime

All Change on London Road Part Four (September 19th 2015)
  Changes still changing. Curry House in full working order, yet to sample the delight of its new location. LemonPepper (on the site of the late lamented Taj Mahal) still opening "Soon" but stuff going on recruiting, building work etc. Ditto on the old curry House site, very busy bustling builders, but the "new restaurant brand" looks like it'll be a while before it opens. Finally, following the new coat of paint, the still absent Akash has a nice "Nawaaz"notice in the window so maybe before too long a new restaurant will appear  
Nawaaz shop window (On the akash Site)
The Table in the Window
All Change on London Road Part Three (August 15th 2015)
  Message in full from the Curry House  

The Curry House
118 London Road, Leicester, LE2 0QS
Tel. 0116 2550688
Open every evening, 6pm-11.45pm

Curry House leicester  
All Change on London Road (Part Two)
  Well well, - Looks like the Curry House will relocate to the top end of London road, between 118/120, more or less opposite the Marquis Wellington pub, Whilst the old site bears the legend "new restaurant brand opening soon" - so lets wait and see. And while all that's happening, the frontage of the Akash is being repainted. Will they be back in business too?  
All Change on London Road (Part One)
  Unexpected changes in recent weeks. (July 2015) The Curry House has closed, but according to its website will re-open soon, elsewhere on London Road. The Golden Akash at the top of London Road appeasr to have closed down, though no signs to indicate this. Ceratinly not trading at the time writing. And finally , much to my surprise the, legendary Taj Mahal, just off London Road on Highfield Street, has also closed - to re-open soon as "Lemon Pepper"  
Now Trading I think (Feb 2016)

London road has many curry houses , of varying quality. In fact the quality in each of food and service seems to vary, depending on day of the week, change of staff/chef/management, and so on. Taking The Midland Main line railway station as a starting point and walking up the hill -
An honoray mention for two restauarnts not on London road, but a few hundred yards away. Turn right out of the Station and go down hill the onto Granby Street. On the left, Kayal Restaurant, and more or less opposite on the right, Santhi Restaurant I very much recommend the Santhi, a quite splendid experience.

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Just across the road, past "The Hind" pub, The Nila Place. A few years ago this was the the pride of London road, with excellent food and service at a reasonable price. But then -- something seemed to go wrong, food was dreadful, service worse. On my most recent visit, 2010, things had picked up a bit, but nothing to write home about. I'm not sure the Bollywood or Karaoke theme nights enhance the experience. Best to judge for yourself. Gone

Nila Palace

Salt no more. It's now a Grill

August 2015
No messing about, "Salt" now trading. and very good it is too. Excllent versions of indian restaurant standards, plus noodles and things and even steaks for the awkward members of your party who don't do curry. Special mention to very friendly staff.

Salt Restaurant 63 London Road Leicester 0116 2544444


Shimla Pink
Well, at January 2015 I have at last sampled the delights of Shimla Pinks I've avoided it previously because of its higher than average proces, but (A) the lunctime menu is good value, and (B) someone else was paying. Very tasty, no complaints. The stated aim of this place is " With the restaurant we wanted to create a place that is relaxing and comfortable, but also wanted to inject some of the hustle and bustle of everyday life of Delhi. With the open plan 'theatre' kitchen, in hope that we have brought a little bit of Delhi to Leicester." I have visions of beggars and cows outside if it's anything like Delhi. (OK, there's not many cows on London Road-- )

Shimla Pinks
More Restaurant

Food remains good, but this is starting to get a bit pricey at the increased price of £16. We've been put off going because they charge a £5 non refundable deposit per person for group bookings, and a 10/% compulsary service charge for groups over 10. How a buffet restaurant can justify that is beyond me.

Take the plunge and cross the road (mind the cows-) and find new (October 2011) to London road a mixed Indian/Chinese/Piri-Piri/Mexican/South Indian buffet. Sounds reasonable at £15 for Dinner,- and reasonable it is. We visited late October 2011, and had exellent food in a large busy restaurant. Maybe staff could have been a bit more organised, but only been open a few weeks, so time yet to settle in.


The Curry house has now moved (August 2015) to new premesis 118 London Road

The Curry House


So we have now visited the new curry house - and it was "OK" food was tasty enough, but nothing special. Things seemed a bit samey and boring. Sag aloo was good though. I'd have no problem calling in for a quick meal after work, but not for a special do.
The Royal Dine / Tiffeen /Mumbai Inn

September 2014 -another month, another name. Now called the "Mumbai Inn" Was closed at lunchtime, looks like it's open evenings now
Well, it seems that the Tiffin is no more. Not that I'll miss it. However, for a few weeks recently it traded as the Royal Dine, and then a week or two ago it became "the Tiffeen" - but at August 1st 2014 is "Closed for renovation Opening Shortly -


Royal Dine Restaurant ?
the tiffin leicesterThe Tiffin

Having worked out all this crossing the road business, it's back to the other side for the Tiffin. Has a loyal following, often busy, not quite sure why. Average food, above average prices. When I visited, slow service and they got one of the dishes wrong. No excuse, was very quiet at the time and a simple order of two mains and bread/rice. I expect better for the price -(which they don't include on the over designed "flash" website, do we really need an animated scrolling menu?) Gone


**at 24th June 2015 the Akash appears closed. -carpets and tables up.
Closed? Refurb? Not known (Still closed 23rd July)**

The Akash  

Feeling like a bit of a walk for an excellent meal? trudge on up the hill for some 5 minutes, past the Landsdown pub, across University Road and past the Marquis (only stop there for a drink if you've got lots of cash) past the now defunct (October 11) Al Mashriq restaurant, and then a few doors up, the Akash. Legendary in Leicester, no frills or pretensions just good food friendly service and very reasonable prices. If you're going to a show at DeMontfort Hall it's the ideal place for a pre or post-show meal. Yummy
Gourmet Society page for the Akash

The Akash
    It's gone! - To re open soon as "Lemon Pepper
Taj Mahal Leicester and Agra

Ok, well this isn't on London Road . Probably the most famous curry restaurant in Leicester (it is the oldest). The Taj Mahal on Highfield street, - cross over from the Akash, walk a few yards down the hill and turn right into Highfield Street and the Taj is a little way up the street on the left. The real deal, fine food and long serving staff, a bit pricey for some but worth it. Gone

Gourmet Society page for theTaj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

No longer a restaurant, but now a quite excellent "Ethnic" (middle East?) supermarket, for all your curry supplies. fresh meat, fruit&veg etc. well worth a visit.


Seems this is closed too --didn't mange to visit. , - It's just about opposite Highfield Street on London Road - on the right hand side going up the hill. This premesis used to be occupied by "Al Mashriq" a pretty decent buffet place. Closed down 2011/2012



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